Working Holiday Life Updates, Thoughts and What’s Next?

Hey guys,

Sebenarnya saya agak bingung gimana cara memulai post kali ini. Karena lagi2 saya harus memulai dengan berita kalau saya ditendang lagi dari cafe terakhir tempat saya kerja. Kali ini alasannya karena kafe sepi, dan saya adalah satu2nya casual staff disana. Memang sih, beberapa hari terakhir saya sering dipulangkan lebih cepat 1-1.5jam karena sepi pake banget! Tapi sebenernya dari awal ketemu sama owner kafenya somehow saya udah ada feeling kalau dia kurang suka sama saya. Dia British btw. Waktu cafe manager hire saya, si owner nya ini lagi overseas, dan setelah si boss balik dia ngerasa business lagi slow jadi harus cut staff dan turun langsung ke lapangan.

Jadi, dengan muka nggak enak hati, si cafe manager yg hire saya itu bilang kalau dia terpaksa harus cut saya. Dan waktu itu dia udah siapin recommendation letter buat saya. Diapun bilang ke saya kalau kapanpun saya butuh personal reference, dia siap ditelpon untuk kasih saya rekomendasi. The manager thanked me and hugged me goodbye. I worked there for only 3 weeks. I already tried to do my best, but still couldn’t keep the job.


Trying to snowboard at Thredbo

After losing this last job, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. I was thinking about going back to Jakarta, but I didn’t wanna do it before securing a job offer from a company. Β I took a few days to think about it. I also went to Snowy Mountain and had some fun there before applying for jobs again. This time I also contacted my agency. I had actually signed up to an agency that provides Brand Ambassadors or Beauty Advisors for consumer brands a month after I arrived in Sydney. But, I think they forgot about me so they never gave me a job.


My first shift as BA in Priceline

No matter how messed up my life was, God still loves me. One day, the agency invited me for a promotion in Priceline. I was promoting Olay brand for one day at Priceline Eastgardens and had to take some in-store photos as part of the reporting. Fortunately, this is something I’m familiar with. Well, basically when I was in Indonesia, I was the one asking the Beauty Advisor team to take pictures and report to me. I think I was doing pretty good. Without experience as beauty therapist or makeup artist, the agency invited me again for product trainings. I got trained for Elizabeth Arden cosmetics and Kate Spade Perfume. Ever since the training, I keep getting shifts at Myer and David Jones. I mostly work for Arden, but sometimes I also work for Prada perfumes. So far, I’ve worked in quite a few Myer and David Jones stores in Sydney for Arden, Prada perfumes (Trimex group), Shu Uemura, Dior and SK-II. I like this job and the people I meet in DJ and Myer. Most of the staff there are really friendly and helpful. I’ve also worked in Sephora for Benefit Cosmetics once. Well, I really am grateful for what I’m doing right now. I keep getting more hours and requested by the brand. After all these odds, I finally have the chance to do what I can do. *sigh!*


My counter at DJ

Now what? Am I thinking about extending my stay in Sydney? The answer is still no, unless I get a job with sponsorship. For me, the beauty advisor job is such a great opportunity to sharpen my communication skills and gain Australian consumer behavior insights. But I know I want to be that person behind the brand who designs the strategy to create demand and sales. I only have less than 5 months here but am not very actively applying for jobs anymore. So Australian company, I guess this is your last chance to hire me πŸ˜€ Make sure you choose the right person to team up with you to grow your business πŸ˜€

If by the time my visa expires I don’t get the sponsorship, I will still leave Australia happy. Of course I will miss Sydney. I love how good the life standard here is, how polite and warm the people are, and the beautiful view on train from North Sydney to the CBD. But I know I’m not the same person I used to be when I first came here. I am more confident than I was, and I don’t let myself be bullied. I stand up for myself and make myself heard. Being an Indonesian doesn’t mean I’m less smart and capable than people from other nationalities.




2 thoughts on “Working Holiday Life Updates, Thoughts and What’s Next?

  1. keepbackpackerssafe says:

    Hello Ariesa, thank you for posting a very informative blog post. I believe that one of the difficulties for backpackers in Australia is securing a decent job that has a good pay. As your previous blog posts have stated, most of your backpacker friends are paid below the minimum wage standards and in cash. Even though they were paid below minimum wage, there will always be people that are happy to take these jobs due to the competitive job markets in Australia. Do you think it would be a smart idea for backpackers to approach recruitment agencies when looking for jobs? Would this approach minimise workplace exploitation and provide more stability for backpackers? Moreover, do you have any tips on how backpackers could protect themselves if they have been unfairly exploited when working in Australia? I believe that a lot of backpackers would jump at the chance in working at David Jones and Myer, as they are the largest department stores in Australia! You are a role model for other travellers due to your persistence and determination, I am sure you will make the most out of your travels and work experiences in Australia!




    • ariesalie says:

      Hi A.A,

      Recruitment agencies for hospo jobs? Yeah why not! But it really depends on your situation and what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for stable working hours, then it wouldn’t be ideal since employers like restaurants or hotels hire from agencies only when they have big event. But of course you get good hourly rate for this kind of job. I’ll say, sign up to an agency but keep looking for a primary job in order to get stable income.

      Also if you have zero experience in hospo, it’s probably wise for you to take any job offer (as long as you don’t feel over exploited) with lower salary and take it as a training period. Keep looking for better job as you’re progressing with your that job and until you eventually get what you think you’re worth for.



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